Save the Foothills – Glendora

San Gabriel Valley Task Force

The City of Glendora calls itself the “Pride of the Foothills”. But there is a threat to the foothills that frame of the northern edge of the city—a proposal to allow up to nineteen large homes of 5,000 square feet or more on a ridge that forms the back-drop to the City. Instead of preserving the “Foothills Pride” by protecting the 176 oak trees “marked” for destruction along with the native grasslands and oak woodland, homes are planned to rise on 41 acres of the Gordon Mull property located at the end of Lone Hill Road. This development would destroy what little open space remains in our foothills. Allowing this to happen would destroy a potential area of recreation for residents and damage the living space for three protected species of plants and animals.

Wouldn’t it be better to protect the view, the living space for plants and animals, and provide a place for local residents to take a quiet stroll, hike trails connecting to the Glendora Conservancy lands, watch birds, ride a horse, or take their dogs for a walk?

Stop this development—Click here!

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